There has to be a better way.

Nine missed calls in the course of half an hour, a disgruntled friend, and an evening’s festivities soured by lack of communication sparked the key insight upon which the Vybe Alert was invented.  What started as a night on the town turned into the motivation to solve the conflict between being connected and being fashionable.

As the plans for The Vybe Alert came together, it quickly became apparent that there was a large gap between the fashion conscious, professional woman and the technology upon which they depend.  As mobile communication developed it was apparent that most designs were targeted at male audiences. 

A little research (also known as “doing the laundry”) revealed another key insight - most of the pockets in women’s’ business clothes are fake.  Seriously.  Can’t even hold a credit card. This forces women to choose between being connected and being fashionable.

The team behind The Vybe Alert is working to level the field.  By empowering women with a discreet solution that allows the combination of fashion and connection, the Vybe Alert puts the wearer in control.


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